Therapy is a unique process of healing which involves genuine positive regard and empathy. When you come into your therapist's office you will be greeted by an individual who is compassionate, kind, and understanding. The first step in process is to help people stabilize where they are. In other words, therapist help you feel less anxiety, less depression, and help you through the difficult parts of your life. You may think of this as moving from victim to survivor.  However at inspiring Wellness it is our main goal to get to know you and help you determine what your goals are. To help you move from survival to a place of thriving. We help people sort out their life's and provide positive feedback to them. You will be allowed to communicate your concerns, interpersonal issues, and secrets in a supportive, non-judgmental environment that allows you to feel comfortable and increases your self-esteem and confidence to engage in your own life and do those things which have frightened you in the past. Therapist are bound to keep what you say in therapy confidential, unless you or someone you know is in danger. Safety is very important to us.

Therapy is a healing process, which leads to living a more inspired life.