"Mindfulness means Paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally, to the unfolding of experience moment to moment," Jon Kabat-Zinn

At Inspiring Wellness we work with adults, teens, and children with a wide variety of problems. It takes a lot of courage to reach out for help and going into your first counseling session is a big step. Therapy is an intense and deeply personal process. We are here to help. Our center is warm, safe, and comfortable. 

We will begin our first session by talking with your about your goals for therapy.  We listen to you and help you work on the problem. For example, if you are dealing with depression, we will help you learn how to reduce the pain and discomfort of depression. Or if you are having relationship problems, we will help you learn new skills that will enable you to find greater satisfaction within your relationships. This is the first part of the process.

The second part of therapy is to inspire long-lasting positive changes in the lives of the people we work with. Changes that will give them the strength to find their own unique path and move forward into the manifestation of their dreams.

  • Past Trauma? We not only help you heal from it, we inspire you to achieve greater strength, confidence, and vibrancy.

  • Depression? We not only help you cope, but how to find freedom, peace of mind, and the motivation to thrive.

  • In a Codependent Relationship? We not only help you to move into independence, but also help you get ready for real love.

  • Is your child or teen have behavioral problems? We will not only help them comply with the rules, we will help them understand themselves and the world around them and support them as they grow and develop into their potential.

  • Grieving the loss of a loved one, a job, a pet, or a way of life? We support you through this process, and continue the work helping you find the motivation to release, relax, and let go.

Specific Interventions used in treatment:

  • Holistic Counseling

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

  • Experiential Therapy

  • Mindfulness Based Therapy

  • Trauma Informed Therapy

  • Addictions Counseling

  • Play Therapy

  • Sand Tray Therapy

  • Couples Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • Teen Counseling

  • Surviving Emotional Manipulation Treatment and Education

  • Greif and Loss Treatment

  • Elemental Healing Therapy

We have found throughout years of practice as healers, that a holistic approach is the best way to inspiring healing and positive changes. The heart, body, mind, and spirit are the four different elements of human beings. We must achieve a balance between these four aspects if we want to achieve our dreams and realize our own creative power.